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I’m trying…

I’m trying to focus on healthy, positive things. I’m trying to realize that I may not get everything I want in my life. I’m trying to leave behind the desperation and move forward with a clear, healthy attitude.

I’m still holding the hope that our FET will be around the corner and will work. But I’m trying to prepare myself for the child free life we’ll have if it doesn’t work. I’m not discounting it, but I do need to leave behind the life I imagined and live the life I have.

I’m trying and I actually feel pretty good. I don’t feel quite so desperate. I don’t feel nearly as bitter. I still get sad, but that’s human nature. I see birth announcements and new mothers cuddling their newborns and I long to feel that. I think it’s one of the most beautiful things in the world. I just pray and hope that that beauty is in store for me.


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