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I contacted my local RE, the one my California RE recommended.  Well, one of the ones he recommended.  They do outside monitoring, and it appears to be pretty close to what my wonderful Cali RE was charging, so that’s good news!

They don’t even need to see me ahead of time.  When I’m ready to go my Cali Dr just faxes them orders then we’re set to go!

The plan is to start BCP in about 5 weeks, then I’ll start Lupron.  Approximate FET will be beginning to mid April.

Now that I spoke with everyone and got it all figured out, I’m so excited!   And I want to just get to it already!

This is my year!


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My life in 2011

2011 was the hardest year of my life. Not only were my emotions and my body challenged, but my faith and my relationships were tested. I made it to the other side and flipped 2011 the bird on my way out! As much as I was angry beyond belief, I know I am stronger and I can pull through. And I learned a bit about myself and my future in the meantime.

Here’s the 2011 recap

January-met the bravest, strongest little boy I have ever met. Baby Mason

February-purchased my favorite gadget, the ipad.

March-celebrate my husband’s 40th birthday with a kick ass surprise party!

my best friend gets extremely sick.

My dog (my baby) is diagnosed with cancer.

we celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary.

My sister graduated college.

June- we decide to move to Kansas City, MO.

July- my dad is hospitalized with “pneumonia”. My mom, brother, and sister become deathly afraid that he won’t get better.

August- my dog loses her battle with cancer.

We find out my dad was misdiagnosed with pneumonia. We fear for his life as he undergoes lung biopsy and ends up on a ventilator.

September- my dad loses his fight with severe pulmonary inflammatory disease.

We continue our IVF treatment.

October- We undergo IVF, and fail.

November-we pack up our lives and all our belongings and move 1500 miles away from what we’ve always known as “home”.

December- My sister books her wedding date for next year.

We realize we need to reevaluate our future and decide our next steps after FET.

There were some good things mixed in there, but unfortunately the gravity of the bad things were more than I’ve ever faced in my life. What a sick sick joke to lose my dog and exactly one month later go through the agony of losing my dad.

The holidays were hard. It’s so hard going on with life without my dad. Knowing that no new memories will ever be made with him. My dad won’t see my sister get married. He won’t see my nephew grow up and graduate high school or attend his games. He won’t ever meet my [future] children. There are so many memories we wanted to make with him.

If there’s one thing I learned this year, it’s that your life can take a sharp turn within a matter of seconds. So we will pick the pieces and move on with the memories we already hold and share them for comfort.

May 2012 be full of life, happiness, healthiness, and dreams come true for all of you!!! xoxo

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