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Quotes on Infertility

Lately a lot of people have stumbled onto my blog after searching for “infertility quotes.”
I thought I would do my Infertility advocate duty and list some here. All of these are from Pinterest








Amen to the next one!



These next few really speak to me.  I’ve been silent about our IF struggle for so long.  So when I read that “lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter” …..it made me cry.


The last 2 are SO true.




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All moved in

We made it! People say moving is stressful. People are right.

We were very fortunate to get our move paid for by Eric’s company. They paid for movers, who also pack for you! Score! We were amazed with the great job they did! They arrived on Thursday morning at 8am. 3 men.20111125-103101.jpg
They did a quick walk-through and got to work. They laid down carpet and cardboard on all the floor and run-ways and padded the corners on walls.
And then they started packing. They packed up everything! Every dish, glass, utensil, shoe etc.
The living room
The kitchen
The dining room

By Friday late morning, these 3 men had our entire house packed and loaded onto the truck.


On Friday afternoon, Eric and I had all our personal items loaded into our car and we took our final picture in front of our house.

It was so hard for us to leave. We got engaged in front of that house. And as much as we knew we were making the right decision, it was still emotional.

We left and went to my mom’s house. We had dinner with our closest friends and family that night and had lots of hugs and tears.

We knew moving would be hard on us and that we’d miss all our friends. We really weren’t prepared for how hard it would be on our friends.

It was hard and we cried many times in those last few days.

On Saturday the 19th we hit the road for the start of our 3 day road trip.



We missed the Oklahoma signs 😦

We arrived Monday afternoon at the same time our movers arrived. Perfect!

They loaded most our things into storage and the remainder went into my IL’s basement, which will be our “home” until we find a house. We are waiting until Spring to move.

So far things have been good. Eric and I transferred with our jobs, so we both start on Monday.

Things are very different, but hopefully this change will be bring great things our way!

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The days are ticking by

We had our annual family Christmas party today.  I love my family!  My mom wanted to have the party early so we could be there for it.  It was so fun!  Pretty much the whole family was there.  Normally the party was at my parent’s house, but this year it was at my aunt and uncle’s house.  We do a white elephant gift exchange.  My dad was always the one in charge of the gift exchange.  So things were a bit different this year.  I definitely missed my dad today.  It sucked that he wasn’t there for the party, and he got “replaced” in his beloved gift exchange.  But my cousin stepped in a did a great job.

My aunt wanted to do a toast before we ate.  So we got our glasses full and she started the toast.  My sister just got engaged, so there was a congratulations for that.  Then she mentioned that a sad event would be happening, us moving.  Ugh!  She was crying and saying how much she was going to miss us.  Tears!

The party was fun, but man, was it emotional.  We were all talking about planning my sister’s wedding.  All of us are sad that my dad won’t be there for it.  We all miss him so much.  My brother, who is very reserved with his emotions, told me that he was having a hard time with us moving away.  Tears!  The first party without my dad + us moving + planning a wedding= tears.  Happy and sad ones.

So we move in about 12 days.  The days are just flying by.  The idea of how far away we’re moving is finally sinking in, and freaking us out.  Even though I’m excited for our adventure and ready for a change, it’s still a very emotional event.

I’m sure the tears aren’t over.


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We’re moving in 17 days.  We are leaving the house and staying with my mom in 15 days.  Holy Crap!  When did that creep up on us so quickly!?! Luckily, we found out that our moving company PACKS us too!  Score!  Seriously!

So in the meantime, our days are packed to the hilt!  After work, we are going over everything we need to get done prior to moving.  Eye exams, get our contacts refilled, get our dog to the vet and up to date on vaccines, oil changed and tires rotated, have a yard sale, get everything together for the yard sale and price it all out, throw out everything else we don’t need, get a gps for our other car, book hotel rooms for the drive, all my professional licensing changed over to the new state, have a family Christmas party, have a family Thanksgiving, our going away party, packing the essentials that are coming with us, book a storage unit, and probably 20 other things I can’t even remember right now.  Sigh…

Thankfully my focus is shifting a bit to the move and kinda sorta off the big fat fail we just had.  I say “kinda sorta” because I never really forget it.  It’s always there.  I’ve had a couple mini breakdowns in the past few days.  The big one was on my birthday.  It was awful.  We were at a bar.  I was drinking, which never leads to good things, especially when you’re sad.  My sister and I chose our favorite songs from the juke box.  We were singing along and she told me she was so sad I was moving and she was really going to miss me!  Ugh!  Instant tears!  Both of us crying.  And that was the beginning of many tears we shared for the next half hour or so.  The truth is, I’m excited for our adventure to Missouri.  I think it’s a very wise move for us financially. I know it’s a big change for us, and I’m also looking forward to new things.  However, it hurts like hell to leave my mom and sister.  I know they are only a  five hour flight away, but the impromptu visits will end, and that makes it hard.

It hurts to leave my friends.  All my friends are here.  I’m scared about making new friends.  Everything is so unknown, it’s just hard.

We are so busy with everything, I barely have time to keep up with stuff.  So probably I won’t blog often until things are settled down.  It won’t be too much longer.


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