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On the eve of egg retrieval

Here we are, exactly 12 hours away from the egg retrieval.  All the BCPs, the injections, the monitoring appointments, the money, and the time is leading up to this.  This is the next step, the biggest step to getting pregnant.

I’m nervous, I won’t lie!  I’ve only been under anesthesia once in my life, and that was about 10 years ago!  I know I’ll be fine.  Tons of women do this every day, and they survive to tell about it.  I will be fine, it’s a piece of cake!  I’ve told myself this over and over again, but I’m still nervous.  I’m a mixed bag of emotions.  I’m excited!  I’m nervous!  I’m anxious!  I’m hopeful!  I’m thankful!  You name it!

Tonight I packed my bag for tomorrow.  I have all my medicine and my IVF calendar in there.  We have to be there at 9:30 am, in Beverly Hills.  We’ll be leaving our house around 7:30.  It takes about an hour and a half, but I don’t want to be late, so we’re giving ourselves more than enough time.  The procedure will begin at 10 am, and should only take about 20-30 minutes.  During that time, Eric will be collecting, and then I should be back in recovery.  Easy breezy!

So here we go!  It seems so strange that all of a sudden, it’s upon us, and in just 2 short weeks, we’ll know if all our hard work and tears have been enough to make our dreams come true.

I know our dreams will come true.  I can feel it.  And I saw this tonight.

As soon as I saw it, I thought of my Dad.  We’ve got an extra Angel in Heaven looking out for us.


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Final E2 level

My E2 level is back from yesterday. Went up to 2,556! Holy ovaries!

ER tomorrow morning! 🙂

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Final follie check!

The follies are ready! Triggering tonight at midnight! ER is Saturday morning!

Come on follies, give us some rockstar eggs!!

Last follie check picture

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E2 level from yesterday

I called this morning after my labs were back. I just really want to know everything! I think they think I’m a crazy person! Oh well! 🙂

E2 on Saturday 481

E2 on Tuesday 982

Sounds good to me!

Keep on growing, follies!!!

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4th follie check

Everything continues to progress well!  Yay!  The RE is happy with my progress even though it’s slower than “average”.

So onto the details!

Lining is at 10.  I was concerned because on Saturday he said it was 11.3.  He said it just needs to be over 8 to get pregnant, and there is some discrepancy between ultrasound machines.

Looks like I have about 8 follies, although as I study the ultrasound printouts, I think there may be more.  But we’ll stick with 8 until I hear further.  2 follies are smaller than the others, so he thinks those won’t be mature.  But that leaves about 6 matures eggs, which I suppose it good.  It only takes one right?

Here’s my left ovary

And here’s my right ovary

I go back on Thursday morning, for hopefully the final follie check.  Egg Retrieval will be this weekend!  We’ll find out Thursday if it will be Saturday or Sunday!

Holy Crap!  We’re almost there!


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I mentioned in my last post about missing the RE’s call regarding my E2 level on Saturday. The message they left me said “it raised quite a bit.”

I called today to get my level. It was up to 481! Yay! 2 days before it was 205. Sounds good to me!

Next follie check is tomorrow. Come on follies, GROW BIG BIG BIG!!!

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3rd Follie Check

Yesterday morning we woke up bright and early at 5:30.  Luckily, that’s my Lupron schedule, so I’m used to being up that early.  I’m usually at work by 6:30 during the week, so I’m sadly used to being up early.  Still sucks on the weekend though.  But anyway, we left our house at about 6:30 and made the hour and a half drive to Beverly Hills.

I’d never been to the Beverly Hills office before.  Holy crap!  It’s beautiful!!  Seriously beautiful!

So they brought me back for the ultrasound.  Lining is up to 11.3 now.  Yay!  All the follies are growing!  They are all between 9-12 now.  He said he doesn’t know why I’m not responding quicker to the meds, but I am responding and it’s just slow.  Seems like everyone online thinks it’s better to go slower.  I told him I was concerned, he didn’t seem too concerned though.  He said they’d have the nurse go over the injections with us just to make sure we’re doing them correctly.

Here’s my left side

And my right side

I think we have about 7-9 follies total.  He said it’s good that they are all growing and all growing at the same rate.

I had blood drawn soon after, then waited in the beautiful waiting room for the injection re-instruction.  The nurse brought us back, where Eric explained how he mixed the meds, and we showed her where we were administering the injections.  She said we were doing everything right.  I mentioned that I was getting discouraged because according to my original calendar, I’m about a week behind schedule.  She reassured me that everything is fine, and not to discouraged.  She said it’s great that everything is growing, and when there’s no progress between appointments, is when they get worried.  So I promised not to worry about it, and promised I’d try not to think about it.

I mentioned to her, that if he keeps me on my same dose, I need more meds.  We had been told that there was a pharmacy down the street that we could get meds from.  We went over how many vials of Bravelle and Menopur I needed.  To get me through Monday, I needed 8 vials of Bravelle ($40 each) and 3 vials of Menopur ($70 each).  That is $530 in more medication.  Not to mention that the day before my friend shipped me 10 vials of Menopur (worth $700).

We are fully OOP (out of pocket) so those extra meds just to get me through Monday would have cost us $1230! Well my awesome nurse and RE GAVE me the meds I needed to get me through Monday!  GAVE me!  FOR FREE!  How freaking awesome is that?!?!

I love them!!

After Eric and I left, totally happy about how much $$$$ we just saved, we drove down the way a bit to 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.  We really had no plans for the day, and we’d thought it’d be good to just enjoy ourselves and the beautiful fall day, without thinking about IVF.

We went to a gorgeous farmer’s market first, bought some fresh vegetables, a croissant to share for breakfast, some local pistachios, and almonds.

Then we sat in Coffee Bean and people-watched.

I dyed my hair from blond to brown.  I like it more than I thought I would.

Then we walked down to Santa Monica Pier.  About a 20 minute walk from the Promenade.  It was overcast and cool, but so beautiful!

We rode the Ferris Wheel

Gorgeous view from the Ferris Wheel!  We love the Beach!

We then walked back to the Promenade for lunch, and then drove down the way to Venice Beach.  We didn’t get any pics of Venice Beach, which is unfortunate because the culture there is unlike anywhere else!  Seriously!  Street performers, medical marijuana soliciting, basketball players, handball players, body builders at Muscle Beach, and homeless people, all rolled in to a one mile stretch of beach.  It’s crazy!

While at Venice Beach, I missed a call from the RE’s office.  The message on my VM said that my E2 level went up quite a bit (yay!) and to continue my same med dose.  Will do!

We definitely had a good day, and it was good for us to have some fun, and take our minds off other things.

Next follie check is Tuesday, September 27th.

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