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Being a good girl!

I told myself when I started BCPs and throughout our cycle, I’d stay alcohol and caffeine free. I have to admit, morning is the hardest! No coffee in the morning-OY! I’m doing it though!

I don’t miss alcohol at all, until I’m the only one drinking water…. I just feel left out, but if I was pregnant, it’d be the same thing.

So to feel like I’m still in the cool kid’s club and drinking and partying like everyone else, I resorted to these!




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I’m taking BCPs now. My last one will be 9/10. *sidenote* my car gets paid off on 9/9. That should be a good sign right? I look for signs everywhere. No, really, everywhere!

I should be ordering meds next week and begin stims around 9/13.

I hope the next two weeks fly by!

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IVF is here!

CD1 was yesterday! It came early, which means everything just got moved up by 3-4 days! Hooray! I found the BCP prescription, and quickly filled it! They have me on BCPs for 3 weeks prior to stims to make sure both ovaries begin producing eggs at the same time, and the follicles are close to the same size. Later this morning I’m calling the RE’s nurse to see when I begin taking it. Here we go! ๐Ÿ™‚

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We said goodbye to our dog, our babydoll, Summer, last night. We were with her as she passed from this life to Heaven.

I’ve talked about her before. She had cancer (hemangiosarcoma), and we knew this day would eventually come.

We rescued her from a “no kill” shelter on July 1, 2003. It was blazing hot that day, July 1st, and that’s where she got her name, Summer.

They estimated her at about 3 years old. Someone had bred her, she had a litter, then they left her emaciated body tied up in front the shelter. Poor baby ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The two of us bonded almost instantly. She was very protective of me from the get-go. She would always stand in front of me when new people were around, she would come to me immediately (before Eric even) every time we came home. She slept next to my side of the bed for the last 8 years. She would jump up and down and do what we called the “canned food dance” every time we fed her. We mixed her dry food with canned food, and when we ran out of canned food, boy did she let us know.

She loved to go for runs with me, car rides to stick her head out of the window, and she’d do anything if I would pet her for hours on end.

She was my baby girl.

We found out she had cancer in April. We knew as she approached 11 years old, that this day was coming.

As we prepared to leave for vacation, we worried even more that her health would fail and decline while we were gone. My BIL was going to watch over her and we left all the vet’s information for him, if she began to suffer. It was honestly my greatest fear that she would pass away when I wasn’t around, and she’d be scared and alone, wondering when her mom was coming home.

The night before our vacation departure, we went out to feed her. She was laying in the grass, smile on her face, wagging her tail, ever so happy to see us! But she didn’t get up to eat, she had become so weak, so quickly. Her cancer had metastasized and begun bleeding again. She tried to get up and walk inside to lay on her bed, and she could barely walk. She basically collapsed into my arms, and stopped moving. She was still breathing, though.

We knew it was time. Everyone told us she’d “tell” us when it was time. She told us. She knew the cancer had gotten the best of her.

We rolled her onto a blanket and carried her into our car. She was alive, breathing, looking at us, but completely limp. My heart broke in half.

We took her to the emergency vet, and had her put to sleep.

We stayed with her as she passed. It was very peaceful, we petted her, and told we loved her, and she just fell asleep.

I really think she knew her time was coming and wanted us with her. 24 hours later and we would have been hundreds of miles away.

I am so thankful that she wasn’t alone, and we could be there to make her passing an easy experience, and let her feel all the love she’s shown us for the last 8 years.

So, my dear Summer girl, may you rest peacefully, and be free of the cancer that took hold of you.

We will miss you forever, my baby girl!


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In 2 days we’re going on vacation for a week! I’m getting pretty excited and ready to relax. We’re going to Vegas for 2 days then the Grand Canyon for 5. Our friends have a motorhome, which is what we’re going in. I’m so ready to hang out, relax and enjoy time with my husband. I think the relaxation time is just what the doctor ordered ๐Ÿ™‚

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Let me start out by saying that I love this author! The book I’m reading is “Then Came You” by Jennifer Weiner.

I’ve read all her novels. Last year she did a book signing in Pasadena, CA, and I went, met her, and got some books signed. I was excited! I really do love her!

I pre-ordered her latest book, “Then Came You,” without knowing what it was about. All her novels are chick lit, so I didn’t even think about the plot.

The entire book is about infertility, basically. I feel like a hypocrite, because when I first realized that, I was turned off. Its hard to explain why I was turned off. Maybe because I suffer from IF so much and it’s always on my mind, that when I escape into a book, that’s exactly what I’m doing: escaping. It’s hard to escape into reality.

The plot is basically the lives of 3 women intertwining through infertility, IVF with failed pregnancies, egg donation, and surrogacy. I have to let it be what it is, which is a book, for entertainment. It bothered me that some terms and procedures are explained incorrectly, but eh!

It’s good. I like it. I’m curious to see the outcome, and I’m hoping to gain a little insight. Maybe it will renew some hope, or give me a new way of looking at things.

I’ll update when I finish.


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CD3 bloodwork results

All looks good!

TSH-thyroid within normal levels.




We are repeating the SA on August 18, just to make sure all is well. ย The last SA was about a year ago. ย We really just want to make sure whether or not we will need ICSI, because if we do need it, it’ll be another $1,500.

My BCP prescription is ready to be filled!

I’m starting to get pretty excited!!!



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