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The last few weeks have been rough. In the middle of April one of my closest and still considered my best friend was having a hard time. I ended up flying to Northern California to see her. It was a great trip and SOOOO worth it.

I came home and ended up rushing my baby (dog) to the vet. She had a tumor on her spleen, which was bleeding, and now we know it’s cancer 😦 we have about 6-12 months with her. It’s hard to know that our time with her is limited, but a blessing also, knowing that we can enjoy our time with her.

My cycle and TTC have been pretty far from my mind. Unfortunately my health got put aside too. But I’m happy to say that I’m right back where I left off. Eating healthy, losing weight, taking vitamins, running, and preparing for my first 5k. Working on the things in my life that I can control.

In TTC news, my goal this week is to get my medical records from my RE. I need to see a new doctor. I just have a gut feeling that it’s what I need to do. When the gut knocks, don’t ignore it!


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