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No answer

Looks like we’re not going to get an answer. My beta dropped on it’s own down to 5.9 today. So since it’s dropping, we won’t know if it was a miscarriage or ectopic.

I’m waiting on a call back to see how long we have to wait before the next IUI.


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My WTF appointment

Sorry I’m late updating this.

Not much happened at the appointment. And we still don’t have a definite answer.

The beta is too low to see anything on ultrasound. It was 87, last we checked, and it has to be over 1200 to see anything on ultrasound.

So he wants to wait and see what happens to make an accurate diagnosis. So either A) I will start to have ectopic symptoms OR B) the beta will get high enough to see what’s going on.

They are repeating the beta next Wednesday. He said it’s possible that it’s a uterine pregnancy, and just non-viable. And it’s also possible to be ectopic again. *IF* it’s ectopic again, he wants to remove my tube. My left tube is the crappy one, so that’ll be the one to axed!

So we wait…some more.

Did I mention I’m really sad that I’m losing my third pregnancy in 10 months? It’s just not fair 😦

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No miracle here

Beta is 87 at 6 weeks. I go on Friday for the “discussion”.

Here we go again…. Looks like we’ll be saving for IVF for the next few months.

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Beta #2

is 28.6. Meaning it doubled in 32.5 hours. RE doesn’t really know what’s going on, but Beta #3 is Wednesday morning.

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The line is getting darker

And now even the digital is positive. So either this is a miracle, or this is ectopic. I prefer to stick with miracles, but I’m staying logical also.

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Beta #2

is tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll have some answers after that.

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Obsession and Confusion

This just never gets easy, I guess!

So at 15dpIUI-my LP was 2 days longer than normal, I had seen a BFP, then my temp dropped to 97.2 (very low) and my period started.

Chemical Pregnancy.

So 5 days into my period, I get a BFP, so I’m confused, hopeful, obsessive, irrational etc.

I call the RE, I get a beta drawn, my beta is 3.7. They consider that negative. At that point it had been 19 days since the IUI.

So today, 22 days after the IUI, still getting a positive.

I just don’t understand how a beta of 3 looks like this on a HPT.

And my question is, if this was an early miscarriage/chemical, is it “normal” to still see this?

(I know the pic is blurry because my camera phone sucks, and I know that internet cheapie is easier to see, but the line is there on the FRER.  Promise.)

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