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Well Hello, Clomid!

It’s nice to see you again! Please be nice like you were last time. I really don’t want any side effects! Thanks!
And of course, a pic of the drugs 🙂


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We decided to do IUI#2 next cycle. I’m currently 7dpo, so if this month is a bust (which I think it will be) we’ll be moving on to IUI. It’s hard to believe the first one was 9 months ago, and I’ve had 2 lost pregnancies in between. But I’m really looking forward to moving on and really hopeful that this will be the one!

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Today is CD13 and the 5th consecutive day of high fertility on my CBEFM. Just waiting for the Peak…..

I should kick myself for being this hopeful!

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My new toy

My SAIF friend, Amy, gave me her CBEFM. Since today is cd6, I started using it today. Very exciting to have a new gadget to play with, and anything to add to the obsession is always a plus 🙂 anyway, here we go!!! Let’s see if we can do this on our own again! Come on stars! Align yourselves up! This clock is ticking!

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