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“I might have to wait
I’ll never give up
I guess it’s half timing
And the other half’s luck

Wherever you are
Whenever it’s right
You’ll come out of nowhere
And into my life”

~Michael Buble


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I don’t know what it is, but I feel VERY disconnected lately 😦

I hope I snap out of it.

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SHG results

Most everyone knows what an HSG is. An SHG is much less
uncomfortable. Yay! They pumped a ton of saline solution into my
uterus and then brought out the dildo cam. The worst part was the
pressure from the fluid plus the probing cam. He didn’t see a polyp
at all, so he thinks it was an air bubble. He also didn’t see a
swollen left tube, which is the indication of blockage. So he
thinks my tube is probably narrowed and shouldn’t give me any more
trouble. He is not recommending a lap because the purpose of the
lap is to improve fertility, and at this point, it wouldn’t.
Sooooo, he is hopeful we’ll get there on our own, since we did
recently and the SA is basically within normal ranges now. I have a
folli on my right (the good side) so hopefully this month. Time to
start the Hail Marys! The funny thing is, I am much more crampy
after the SHG than the HSG. The US was 7 hours ago and I still feel
yucky 😦 So here we go again…..I want to try approx 4 cycles then
head straight to IUI. My man is in agreement. Come on Uterus,
please cooperate and let a little embie snuggle right on

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HSG results

Well that was not pleasant. Aside from being very uncomfortable and very crampy, no fluid went through my left tube at all. The screen was right next me so he explained everything as he did it, and I was able to see the dye and my uterus. I started crying when I saw nothing passing through my left tube. Him and the nurses kept asking me if I was ok, and it wasn’t the pain that was the problem, it was that damn tube!

He also found what looked like a polyp close to the opening of my uterus. It looked big. He thought it was an air bubble, but he kept pushing more dye in and the polyp became more aware, rather than disappearing like an air bubble would. And even with more and more dye, nothing flowed through the left 😦

We went to his office afterward to discuss things. He said it’s possible the tube is blocked, but it could be constricted and that forced all the fluid to the right side. He said the polyp can hinder our success rate. He suggested having a saline ultrasound next week to investigate the polyp. He said he may be able to see the tube also. He also thinks a lap may be necessary to clear the tube, or remove it depending on how damaged it is. The lap may be needed for the polyp as well.

In the meantime, we’re waiting til the ultrasound next week to see what the next step is. He told us we can still TTC, but not to get our hopes up just yet.

This sucks!

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HSG is tomorrow

I finally got the HSG scheduled. We had to wait 2 cycles, which we did, and now we’re here. I’m a little nervous, mostly about the outcome. I’m praying that it’s all clear!! As much as I hate all this testing, I would rather them tell me I’ve had 2 ectopic pregnancies because of bad luck, rather than needing surgery.

Apparently chances of conceiving the same cycle as the HSG are higher than a regular cycle, so I’m really praying we get some extra luck this month. We did it on our own a couple months ago. I hope we get the all clear tomorrow and maybe by the 4th, I’ll be on an alcohol free diet 🙂

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