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Beta #2

Beta #2 today was 178. The nurse said they like to see it completely double in 2 days. So we are still in limbo. I asked to have another beta done this Friday, which they agreed to. So hopefully the numbers continue to rise!

The bleeding/spotting has stopped, so that gives me hope. The other thing that gives me hope, is that with my previous ectopic pregnancy, my beta reached 180/200 at 7 weeks. At that point I had so much pain and bright red bleeding. So the fact that my beta is there now (5 weeks) with none of those symptoms, makes me happy.

I’m not out if the woods yet. Thank you to everyone for the thoughts and prayers and good luck! I truly appreciate it!


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Beta #1

Finally got my beta results from this morning. It’s only 94 at 20dpo. That is not too great of a number :(. We’re redoing it on Wednesday to get a better picture of how it’s progressing. Last time with my ectopic, it was low and slow rising also. I have a feeling it’s ectopic again 😦

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Now I’m getting worried 😦 

Yesterday’s strip on top

Today’s strip on bottom

I don’t like that that line is getting lighter.

Beta #1 is tomorrow morning.

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Here is the timeline

3/25/10 first BFP (top stick)

3/26/10 bleeding starts-medium flow-not spotting (middle stick)

3/27/10 medium to light flow (bottom stick)

Its a little hard to tell in that picture, but the bottom two sticks are identical. I know it looks like the bottom one is lighter, but they look identical.

The reason I’m asking is that I thought it was over. I figured it was chemical or an early miscarriage, but if that was the case wouldn’t the tests have gotten lighter once the bleeding started? The test was darker the day the bleeding started. And I tested at night.

So even with the bleeding, there is still a BFP and its stronger?

could this just be bleeding? And not a chemical pregnancy? And not a miscarriage?

Is it possible this is a viable pregnancy?

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Yesterday I saw this

I'm sorry it's blurry, my phone sucks


I know its blurry, but you can clearly see that it says one word.  “PREGNANT”

Today, AF arrived.  I was scheduled to have Beta #1 this morning, but I cancelled it, due to AF’s arrival.  I know some people have “periods” and they are still pregnant, haven’t actually miscarried or anything.  So we’ll see how this goes and I’ll test again in a couple days.  If its positive, I’ll schedule some betas, although I’m not too hopeful that is the case. 

I am however elated that I saw that word “PREGNANT” without an IUI.  We did that all on our own.  Yay for my husband’s swimmers whipping up into shape.  I am much more hopeful that this is actually going to happen.  For so many months I have doubted that I would ever get pregnant, but we did it. 

I just wish it would have stuck.

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Please say a prayer for my friend, Nikki, a fellow IFer.  They tried for about 2 years, she had a lap for endo, did a few IUIs, and last week she gave birth to her twins at 32 weeks.  They were doing great and a week later, they lost their little boy.  I am so heartbroken for her.  Words will never be enough to comfort her.  I’m so sorry Nikki for your loss.  My thoughts and prayers reach out to you.  (((HUGS))

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March of Dimes

I’m thinking of doing a walk for the March of Dimes.  There is one coming up pretty close to my house in about 5 weeks.  It is 6 miles long.  I need to find at least one person to come along with me.  I’m hoping my sister agrees.  As of right now, the farthest I have walked/jogged is 4 miles.  I think I can do an extra 2 since I have some time to “train”. 

So my question is….How much should I try to raise?

I’ve never done anything like this before, I have no clue what is appropriate.

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