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Beta #2

is 37!!!!!!  It doubled from 19 to 37 in 44 hours!! I go back on Monday for Beta #3.  In the nurse’s words who left me the great message, they “want to make sure that things continue to progress appropriately.”  Yippee!!!! I could hardly maintain my composure as I listened to the message.  I immediately called Eric and as soon as he answered the phone, I started saying over and over again “It doubled! It doubled! It doubled!”  What a great birthday present!  Now I have to remain sane until Monday when I hear the next count.  Until then, I am pregnant. 

2 lines in 09!!! I got ’em!


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Today I am pregnant.  Today I celebrated with my husband that we actually got ourselves pregnant.  No matter what happens tomorrow, today I am pregnant.  Today I have met a goal I have been reaching for for many years.  I have no reason to believe that my beta won’t double tomorrow.  And if it doesn’t I will be sad.  However, the first IUI worked, and today we celebrated that!!!  For many many months now I have been afraid that I would never say these words.  And here it is right in front of me.  I’m pregnant.

I’m still nervous about tomorrow.  I’m hoping we just had a late implanter, and that’s why the beta was low.  I POAS this morning and I have the newest pic.  Its a little bit darker when compared to the one 24 hours ago.  So we’ll know tomorrow.  Fingers crossed for doubling numbers!!!! 

eric and kat 009


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Beta #1

is 19 at 14 dpIUI.  I did the beta this afternoon and got the call a couple hours later.  I go back on Wednesday for Beta #2.  They said it was on the low end of where they like to see it, so we’re praying it doubles on Wednesday!  I wish it were higher today, it would definitely ease my mind some.  But I’ve heard of low betas resulting in healthy pregnancies and babies, so I’m hoping I’m one of them!  Please keep the good thoughts coming!!!!!!!

By the way, Wednesday is my birthday!  I hope I get a great birthday present on Wednesday!

I’ll leave you with this pic!  The strip on the top is my test from yesterday, the one on the bottom is a test from today.  It  definitely looks darker….bfp 005

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13dp IUI and all hell breaks loose!!!  I thought this would be easier.  My luteal phase is usually 12 days, and obviously we are beyond that at 13 days.  My temp is still high, higher than usual at 11-13dpo.  This morning I got a negative on a digital EPT, and then a faint positive on a cheap internet HCG test.  Please give me your thoughts!!!!!!  Which one should I believe???

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….and trying not to go insane.  Its so incredibly hard to be hopeful.  It feels like everyone around me who knows about the IUI is really hopeful.  I guess I’m just worried about disappointment.  I think I really can’t believe that this might actually happen.  I don’t feel anything, either way.  I have no feelings that it worked or didn’t work.  My H says I’m not being positive enough.  I don’t know,  I’m just trying not to obsess about it.  4 more days and we should know for sure.

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4dp IUI

This 2ww is taking forever.  Ugh!  My LP is usually 12 days, so next Saturday, October 24 is the big day to see if this all worked.  I am not very hopeful that it worked, but there are times where I’m really positive that this is it.  I’m over it.  This sucks!  I bought a billion cheapie pregnancy tests so I could make sure I peed the trigger out, and 4 days after the trigger it was negative already. So I have a ton of tests now, but oh well!  Eric was making fun of me for buying so many, but they were like $7 for 20 of them.  Totally a good deal!  right??!!  So he looked at them and said “those things can’t be accurate”.  Well I’ve got news for you buddy, they’ve all been accurate so far.  BIG FAT NEGATIVES. 

2 lines in ’09.  I hope I get to see them!

Oh and my FF subscription ends in 10 days.  I would love to not renew it!

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So it was done yesterday morning.  The procedure itself was no big deal, in my opinion, more comfortable than a pap smear.  My RE didn’t do it because she is not there on Mondays, so one of the head RE’s at the clinic did it.  He was very nice and explained everything as he did it.  No big deal at all. 

So let’s get to the sperm.  Since that was my main concern going into this. The nurse comes in with the catheter and I verified the name on the sample was in fact my husband 🙂  And she prepped the catheter for the procedure.  I then asked her if she knew the count.  So she hands me a piece of paper with the mini semen analysis on it.  Total count prior to wash was 62 million, after wash was 28 million!!!!  WOO HOO!!!!!!  The last SA that was done in April was total count 33 million, so we almost doubled the count!  The motility and morph were both good also. Well that relieved my anxiety a little.  I was so happy with the increase that I almost cried.  You should have seen Eric’s face when they said the numbers!  He was shocked with how good they were.  So I am a little more hopeful about the IUI working, even if it doesn’t work this cycle. 

I had slight cramping all day yesterday.  I was worried that I would O before the IUI however I had only cramping on my right side yesterday, which is the side both eggs are on, so I think it was some cramping from the IUI and some O pains.  I hope!

So that’s it!  Now we wait!  2 eggs, 28 million sperm.  Hopefully it leads to a little heartbeat in the womb!

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