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For Jewelyn

jewelynMy friend Jewelyn passed away yesterday.  I am so heartbroken for her family.  The entire story is so unbelievable.  There is a memorial fund set up through paypal if you are able to donate anything at all to help out her family. You can donate to 4jewelyn@gmail.com  Her sweet beautiful daughter, Gabrielle, will going home with her daddy in the next few days.  I don’t understand it all and I’m so sad that the world has lost such a great person, and her daughter will know her mother.  Jewels, we will miss you!  You will always be in my heart!


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Praying for a friend today

I found out this morning that a friend of mine may pass away today.  She went to the hospital yesterday to deliver to her baby girl.  She ended up having the baby via emergency c-section, then suffered an amniotic embolism.  As of now she is on life support with no brain activity.  Her baby G is ok, but her husband will likely remove life support today.  I am so heartbroken today.  I can’t believe this is actually happening.  I’m praying for a miracle to pull her through this.

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Finally!! Moving onto IUI

We got the clearance on  funding, I know it was really fast huh?  Just a week ago, we were still on a break, today we are funded and ready to go for an IUI.  I spoke to the RE’s office today and got the protocol for IUI #1.  She wants to do 5 days of  Clomid, Menopur on CD9, U/S on CD12 and then decide on timing for the IUI.  I’m pretty sure I’m ovulating today/tomorrow and since I’m pretty sure it will be a BFN again, it looks like my period will be coming approximately Sept 29/30.  That puts the IUI timing around October 12.   My birthday is October 28th, I hope I have a BFP before that!  I’m praying that the sperm count and motility are high enough after the wash to get us pregnant!  OMFG!!!! This is really happening!

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I am not predictable

So remember that break we were taking?  Yeah, its over!  On Friday, which was CD 11 by the way, we had a major get-down-to-business talk.  Eric HATES that we were taking break.  He said he feels wierd after trying for so long to be trying to avoid.  We are actually at a close point to natural conception or IUI, and now we’re avoiding.  All of the feelings I’ve been struggling with for years now, he’s starting to feel.  He said he gets angry seeing pregnant women, and people with families.  He knows he would be a great dad and he’s tired of waiting.  It broke my heart to pieces to hear him talk like that.  We had some serious crying and hugging and consoling that night.  I think we are definitely both on the same page, especially emotionally, now.  I have been so used to feeling all those sad, hopeless feelings, but it breaks my heart to hear that he is starting to feel the same way.  It feels good to be on the same page.    We made our decision to start trying again, and it was in time for ovulation this cycle, so that’s good.  He needs to have his gall bladder removed soon, so unfortunately our IUI savings is going toward that.  I am discouraged that we are prolonged yet again, however I am okay with trying on our own for a few more cycles.  I can’t wait for the day that my teenager tells me that I “never wanted them”!  In your face little phantom teenager, I  have been waiting for you for longer than you can imagine!  🙂

So here we go, cycle 34.  Bring on the good luck!  I’m hoping my little panda brings me some luck too.


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Holiday Weekend

I love long Holiday weekends!  This weekend we went to out to dinner for one of our friend’s birthday.  We ate a japanese teppan table, fantastic food!  After that we went to another friend’s birthday party complete with karaoke.  I didn’t sing, but the party was fun nonetheless!  Yesterday, Sunday, we went to see the Def Leppard, Poison, and Cheap Trick concert!  It was so much fun! That was our 6th concert this year!  Def Leppard put on a great show!  The best part was that my SIL from Kansas City was in town visiting and she went to the concert with us.  Today we are going to my other SIL’s house to hang by the pool, BBQ, drink, and veg!  Like I said, I love long holiday weekends!  Tomorrow, back to the grind….

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I cannot believe I haven’t posted in almost 2 weeks!  Sorry!  Well as I mentioned before, last last weekend we went camping in San Clemente, and we had a blast!!!  We slept outside in a tent and lit a fire every night and every morning, and had some drinks too!  A total blast!  That weekend we decided to sign up to do a 5k run in November.  Needless to say, we got home and got to the running/jogging/walking schedule pretty quick.  I’m really excited to be taking this on, and I’m proud of Eric for wanting to do it with me. 

This past weekend was complete with a homecoming party for my sister’s boyfriend.  For the past year and some months, he has been serving our country in Afghanistan.  I went to LA on Friday night and we brought him home with some good old fashion partying!  A total blast, yet again! 

During the week, we have busy with mostly work, but reading, exercising and playing with the dogs.  We seriously have been non stop since we got home from camping, I can’t believe how hectic things have been .  This coming weekend is Labor Day weekend.  We have a friend’s birthday party to attend, as well as the Def Leppard Poison and Cheap Trick concert on Sunday.  I can’t wait!  All in all our break has been nice and I’m really enjoying the mental freedom of not TTC.  My emotions and feelings change on a daily basis, so we’ll see how I feel tomorrow.  hahahaha

In the meantime, enjoy some pics from our camping trip……..

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