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There is not much going on these days in TTC news.  Sorry 😦  We are going camping this weekend, so I will catch up on comments on Sunday night/Monday.  Feel free to look around and click on whatever you want. 

Since its ICLW, I’ll give a brief story of our journey.  We have been TTC since January 2007.  We were diagnosed with severe MFI in Dec ’08, and then upgraded to MFI in April ’09.  Our RE thought that we would pregnant on our own within 6 cycles since the MFI became only a count issue by the time we retested in April.  We tried unsuccesfully for 5 cycles, then decided to take a break.  We are currently on a mental health break.  In January/February we are heading back to the RE to begin IUI cycle(s).  I have made peace with the fact that an IUI will be our best opportunity to get pregnant. 

Although we are on a break, I still think about having a baby and getting pregnant every single day.  I really wish there was a switch you could just turn off.  We are doing some fun activities and trips in the next few months, so I’m really looking forward to that.  I still find myself getting sad about not having a baby yet and its still rough to think about how long this journey has already been.  I’m taking one day a time and some of those days are rougher than others. 

Anyway I’ll post some pics of our beach camping trip when I get back.  Happy ICLW!

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Very moving video

Many of us dealing with infertility have watched this video countless times.  I just had to share it on my blog though.  It is so emotionally overwhelming, but carries a great message.  Enjoy!

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We have collectively decided to take a break from TTC.  There a few reasons, which I will not go into great detail on, sorry.  But the main reason is employment.  We are both still employed, don’t worry, but some changes may be coming in the near future.  We are currently on cycle 33, and were planning on doing an IUI on cycle 35.  We have decided to wait until January and try ONE CYCLE naturally.  After that we will begin IUI cycle(s).  I have mixed feelings on the whole thing.  While I really really really really want to be pregnant and be a mom already( like yesterday), we do need to think responsibly.  I am sad to be taking a break, but I am relieved at the same time.  I actually feel like I can breathe a little, and focus on something else for a little while.  We plan to save extra, in case multiple IUIs are needed.  We plan on doing some couple bonding time in the next few months, and  I am really looking forward to that.  I went into 2009 thinking that this would finally be the year, since ’07 and ’08 were a let down.  However, it looks like 2010 will have to be the year of pregnancy, hopefully.  I really thought I would see “two lines in ’09”  but I was wrong.   This blog will be quite boring and not full of updates for awhile, but I promise to update on fun things we do and places we go.  I know there are many of you out there, who have been hoping and praying that my BFP would be right around the corner, and I thank you so much for all the support.  You have no idea how well it has carried me through this rough terrain.

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I was nominated

….for an award!  Kelli at www.prayingforourmiracle.blogspot.com nominated me for this award



Thank you so much Kelli, I am honored!

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Cycle 33

Hopefully that will be the lucky one!  Turns out, lucky #32 wasn’t lucky afterall.

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