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Well, actually we came already, and we are still here. We are having a great time visiting his parent here. The first few days were not bad, no worse than a cold California day, however today we went to see the Lewis and Clark lookout and that was BAD! We were freezing our buns off. It was 30 degrees, but soooo windy, it felt like 0 degrees. It was really bad. Since we have been here, we went to a couple casinos (won nothing), went to the Jesse James farm, went to the Watkins Mill, downtown Kansas City, saw some huge beautiful mansions, watched a bunch of movies, and visited a lot with family. It really has been a good time. Tonight we are going to a dinner show, tomorrow night we are going to a comedy show, and for the next few days we are going to a couple museums downtown. His parents have really missed us and its pretty cool visiting and seeing their new house. Pics coming up next…..


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Baby kicking

A good friend I work with is pg with #3 and having a scheduled C-section February 25th.  While I am so happy for her, it was extremely hard to get the news of her pregnancy.  I am definitely coping now and totally love her belly.  The coolest thing is that she is totally down for me to rub her belly and feel the baby kicking.  I freaking love it.  I literally could follow her around all day and feel her little boy moving around.  I am actually surprised that it didn’t make me more jealous or emotional.  I just think it is the most beautiful and awesome thing ever! I seriously can’t get over it! I have never really felt a baby moving and kicking as much as I have hers.  I cannot even imagine what it will be like when I experience that myself.  I know and I have faith,  and I have hope, that I WILL feel my own baby kicking! I WILL! I WILL get pregnant, and I WILL have my baby.  The hope and faith is there, however the patience to wait for it is not. 

God, please grant me patience, I really need it.

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