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Moving on…

…to cycle 24 of TTC that is!  Who would have known that I would still be here, still TTC.  Ugh!  It never gets easier.  The disappointment never ends.  The sadness of seeing a pg woman, a newborn baby, it never ends.  It is sooo hard to be happy for girls who are pg, when I’m dying inside to know what it feels like.  AF showed up this weekend.  The only good thing was that Eric and I were in Tucson for a wedding and I drowned my sorrows in beer!  Lots of beer!  The wedding was beautiful and a big congratulations to my friend Bre and her new husband, Kevin!  Tuesday I will go for CD3 bloodwork and hopefully Monday they will tell us the SA results over the phone.  I really big part of my thinks that the SA is where the problem lies.  We shall see.  In the meantime, here are some pics from our weekend.


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Are you kidding me?

There is a girl I was friends with in junior high.  We have lost contact and re-connected a few times.  She and I both have myspace accounts.  She is my exact age which is 27 and has 4 children.  The 4th child was conceived while we were TTC.  And on her myspace page today she announces she is pregnant.  with her 5th child!  A constant reminder that some people just do it sooooo easily!

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The follow-up

I called the RE’s office today.  They have received DH’s SA back and are just waiting for the Doctor to read it.  We are set up for the follow-up appt for all results on 12/12/08.  That is like 2 weeks away.  We both did b/w at the first appt.  The RE tested me for chlamydia antibodies.  She said that if the chlamydia antibody came back positive she would do the HSG.  In her experience chlamydia causes the scarring in the tubes, so if the antibodies were negative there would be no need for the HSG.  Well my antibodies were…..Negative.  However, since our insurance covers all testing, we will be having a little conversation about the HSG at the next appt.  If there is anyway possible to be negative for chlamydia and still have blocked tubes, then for sure we are doing the HSG!  Anyway we are a little nervous about the SA results because other than that things are looking good.  Well except for the fact that we haven’t gotten pregnant in 23 cycles!  Anyway I can’t wait for the answers!

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Feeling sick

I feel so sick today.  It started about a half hour after lunch.  I ate leftover pot roast and rice, which I ate last night, and I felt fine then.  I am having waves of nausea, followed by stomach cramps, wierd heartburn.  I go back and forth between thinking maybe I’m getting the flu and hoping that it’s early pg symptoms.  I am so tired of my hopes being up so high every cycle.  This is just driving me crazy!  I am 9dpo so I will know very soon.  I am sure a BFN is in my future.  We shall see. 

On happier news, its almost Thanksgiving and I love Thanksgiving food.  We go to my parents’ house and have the usual dinner.  I get to play with baby Hunter, because of course he will be there.  Then Friday morning, DH and I will make a road trip to Tucson, AZ for my friend Bre’s wedding.  I am really looking forward to going, especially since neither of us has ever been to AZ.  It should be really fun.  I am looking forward to vegging out in the car for the 6 hour trip and just relaxing before going back to work Monday.   

Maybe I will get a special gift for Thanksgiving…..

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SA is done!

DH gave the dreaded “sample” yesterday.  Poor guy had to do it at the RE’s office because of the lab hours and how far we live from the clinic.  Anyway that’s done now.  He is so darn cute.  As I mentioned before he has recently lost a lot of weight and more is shedding its way off.  He is now unable to wear his wedding ring because it falls off.  We are waiting until he loses all his weight before sizing it.  However yesterday, since he was going for the SA, he tells me “Ooh I need my wedding ring.”  He wore it to the RE’s office.  He is so cute, he wanted to make sure everyone there knew for sure he was married.  Crazy boy!  I love him so much!  I guess the results will be in in 7 days and then I have to do the CD3 bloodwork then we go back for the results of everything.  AHHHHH  scary!

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His name is Hunter.  He is almost 7 months old.  He melts my heart. 


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My beautiful follicle

This is a picture of my ovary getting ready to release an egg.  I thought it looked so cool, I had to share.  The huge black spot is the follicle.  Also in the u/s yesterday I got to see my uterus, which I must say, looked pretty good.  The RE thought everything looked good also.


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